.radio Top Level Domain

What is .radio?

.radio is a new top-level domain (such as .com or .net) which is exclusively dedicated to the radio stations, web radios and others closely associated with the sector.

A Dedicated Radio Space

.radio will be reserved for the exclusive use of the radio sector, broadcasters, internet radios, people working in radio, companies supplying goods and services, and radio amateurs.

Why choose .radio?

The .radio TLD is one of the few recognized community-based resources representing the interest of around 65,000 radio stations, 60,000 web radios, and others closely associated with the sector. Beneficiaries of this new TLD include licenced broadcasters, radio stations from accross the world, unions and related organizations, trade-mark owners, licensed radio amateurs, web radios and radio professionals.

No Speculators, No Cybersquatting

Strong policies to ensure authenticity of all .radio domains. Checks and controls will keep .radio safe.

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