• International Association of Broadcasting
    The oldest International Organization
    of private Broadcasters in constant defense for Freedom of Expression

  • IAB is...

  • International Association of Broadcasting
    IAB brings together private radio and television associations of the three Americas and television channels and radio stations from different countries and regions





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IAB is...

The International Association of Broadcasting – IAB- is an Organization that groups private associations of radio and television in different countries and regions as well as Institutional members, and TV channels and radio stations as individual members.

It was founded in 1946 as the Inter-American Association of Broadcasting and nowadays it represent over 17.000 private stations.

  • IAB is a non-governmental organization consultant to the United Nations and UNESCO Associate Member.

  • IAB is Sector Member of the International Telecommunications Union - ITU.

  • IAB has mutual co-operation relations with the Organization of American States and is Associate Member of the Inter-American Conference of Telecommunications.

  • IAB is a Member of the World Press Freedom Committee – WPFC

  • IAB keeps mutual co-operation relations with the Inter-American Press Association – IAPA – as well as with the International Press Institute – IPI

  • IAB is a founder member of the World Broadcasting Unions - WBU. (Sister Unions)

About IAB

IAB is permanently defending Freedom of Expression of Thought and freedom of reception of all kinds of broadcasts, to foster the collaboration of the broadcasters in public interest and social service activities. IAB’s targets are also to contribute to the cultural improvement of the peoples, and their economic and social welfare; to strive to establish uniform legal rules to protect the activities of private broadcasting to apply rules on professional ethics for broadcasters; to act in representation and defense of the interest of private broadcasters before official and private entities, and to promote all kinds of continental, regional, or domestic meetings on subjects of interest for broadcasting.

IAB principles have been vibrant during over six decades of work, and they are shown in the Statement passed by the Special General Assembly held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 7, 1985.